1344 County Road 10

Mead, Nebraska 68041

October 2015 - Integrated Recycling partners with Nebraska Ethanol Producer

AltEn, LLC a Nebraska ethanol producer located in Mead partners with Integrated Recycling to consume liquid waste from Integrated's liquid depackaing services. The collaboration provides for an unique opportunity for beverage distributors across the Midwest to securely and sustainably manage their discards. Integrated Recycling will be installing 3 depackaging machines used to extract out of code beverages from packaging sending the liquid to AltEn to be converted into ethanol. Packaging such as aluminum, cardboard, glass, pallets, plastic bottles, and shrink wrap will be recycled through the process. Integrated Recycling estimates nearly 400,000 gallons of beverages will be diverted from local landfill annually through their new service.

Integrated Recycling's President, Craig Gubbels, says this partnership is great for Nebraska and bordering states. "This is an opportunity for businesses in the region to have access to services that will sustainably destroy and recycle organic waste."


September 2016 - New Glass Crusher Added to Recycle Glass Bottles

Glass bottles won't stand a chance with Integrated Recycling's latest addition. The REM Glass Crusher installed in early September 2016 will grind glass bottles into fragments the size of half dollars while extracting the liquid contents.

Craig Gubbels says new machine will enhance the product destruction. "We expect to process nearly 4,000 pounds of glass and liquid per hour through the new crusher. A specialized screen separates the glass from the liquid. The liquid is then transferred to holding tanks prior to being converted into ethanol by AltEn, LLC. " The glass is shipped to area glass recycling facilities where it will be made into new glass or fiber glass insulation," says Gubbels.

November 2016 - Integrated Recycling's Founder Named President of Nebraska State Recycling Association

On November 16, the Nebraska State Recycling Association (NSRA) held its annual meeting where they gave members an overview of its accomplishments for 2016 and goals for 2017. Julie Deigel was introduced as the new Executive Director. Julie officially started in July of 2016 and had previously been a legislative aid and program manager for WasteCap of Nebraska.

NSRA also elected its officers for 2017 naming Integrated Recycling's founder, Craig Gubbels, President; Imperial, Nebraska's City Administrator, Jo Leland, as Vice President; and City of Omaha's Solid Waste Programs Manager, Nina Cudhay, as Secretary.

NSRA provides recycling consulting services to communities and businesses throughout Nebraska as well as provides small recycling equipment grants with funds provided by the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund.