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Flood Damaged Grain 

Integrated Recycling recycles grain damaged from flooding, hail, toxins, heat exposure, high moisture or other types of damage.

Integrated Recycling works directly with the end users ensuring safe, secure and sustainable destruction of all damage grains.

Methods for destruction include

  • Ethanol Production: all starchy grains such as corn. 
  • Waste - to - Energy:  all types of grains including soy beans, milo, sorghum, animal feed. 
  • Composting: all types of organics in bulk or in packaging.

Depending on the quality and level of damage, Integrated Recycling may be able to provide rebates for damaged grains. 

Integrated Recycling can coordinate freight from the farm, elevators and even from the field. 

For additional information about recycling your damaged grain contact Craig Gubbels