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Secure & Sustainable Obsolete Seeds Destruction Ensures Brand Protection and Approved Disposal

Grandpa always said, "Every seed is an opportunity, don’t waste it.” He was right and that’s why Integrated Recycling follows that advice and ensures all seeds are never wasted, but safely, securely and sustainably repurposed. 

Integrated Recycling has developed methods to repurpose out of code treated seeds to produce new opportunities. Seeds that cannot be planted will be safely and securely converted into sustainable energy replacing fossil fuels.   

Safety and security are top priorities at all facilities. Only properly trained operators handle the treated seeds and the facilities are equipped with the appropriate handling systems. 

Integrated Recycling provides safe, secure and sustainable destruction of out of code treated seeds of all types including:

  • Alfalfa
  • Canola
  • Corn
  • Cotton
  • Milo
  • Sorghum
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Contact us for other seeds and materials that need destroyed

How it works:
Integrated Recycling can manage the logistics from your facility to any one of Integrated’s secure facilities for destruction. At Integrated’s facility the seeds will be completely destroyed through a series of grinders and destruction processes.

Integrated Recycling can accept discard seed in bulk via semi hopper trailers, mini bulk bags (super sacks), seed boxes, and bags on pallets. Integrated's facilities are well equipped to handle over 1,000 tons a day of seed. 

Why Integrated Recycling?
Your seeds are the DNA of your enterprise, your brand is your promise, neither should ever be compromised. Integrated’s safe, secure and sustainable handling of your seeds ensures your seed will never fall into the wrong hands to be planted, reengineered or fed to livestock. It will always be destroyed.    

Our company has large quantities of discard seed,
what is the best way to set up service?
Annually, Integrated Recycling manages over 5 million bushels of discard seeds and can arrange freight from anywhere in North America to one of Integrated’s facilities. Contact us to set up discard seed services.

We only have a few bags. What are our options?
Integrated Recycling can arrange for Less than Truck Load quantities to be shipped to one of Integrated's facilities across the Midwest. 

How can we get our pallets and boxes returned?
Integrated Recycling can arrange to have your empty seed boxes or pallets returned after the seed is removed. Integrated also has pallet refurbishing services that can provide repaired, refurbished or new seed pallets.

The label says landfilling is permitted.
Why shouldn’t I do that?
Landfills are not secure or sustainable. Treatments from the seed can leach into the ground water, birds and other wildlife can eat the treated seeds when exposed. And even though you may send your treated seed to the landfill for disposal, you will always be liable for anything you deposit in that landfill. Today, tomorrow or 50 years from now.